Insulin Therapy

Many different types of medications are available to help lower blood sugar levels in type 2 diabetes. Be sure that you talk to your doctor about the right time to take the prescribed medications. If your doctor has recommended you Insulin for your diabetes management, following information would help you with some helpful information. The aim of insulin therapy is to maintain the blood sugar within the range recommended by your doctor.

What is Insulin ?

Everyone needs insulin to help move sugar from the blood into the cell where it can be used for energy. In type 1 diabetes the pancreas make little or no insulin. While Type 2 diabetes is a progressive condition in which the beta cells which makes insulin gradually decrease and no longer function properly. Eventually these cells may not produce enough amount of insulin. Most people with type 2 diabetes may need to take insulin to control their blood sugar levels. Remember controlling your blood sugar is far more important than the treatment you use, whether it’s pills, insulin shots or both. Each person with diabetes is different. So their needs will also be different.

Some facts about insulin:

It is important to understand that when is prescribed by the doctor, the type 2 diabetic patient goes through an array of emotions. It is necessary to understand the facts and benefits about insulin and its therapy.

  • Insulin helps to achieve glycemic targets in an individual
  • It helps to avoid diabetic complications
  • Taking insulin shots doesn’t mean you are in the last stage of disease
  • Increasing the number of times you take insulin everyday doesn’t mean your diabetes is more severe
  • Insulin never cause complications like blindness and skin diseases
  • Once you are on insulin therapy you would be never lifelong on insulin unless and until your body is not able to produce sufficient amount of insulin required for you.
  • Insulin comes with added responsibility
  • Sometimes though your pancreas is still producing insulin you need to start on insulin treatment to have a better sugar control
  • Insulin helps in improving the overall quality of life.

How you can take Insulin:
There are different ways how you can take insulin –

  1. Insulin Syringes: the syringe helps to draw insulin from a vial (Bottle). The syringe has the units marked along the side. These syringes are available in 40 IU and 100 IU
    40IU syringe is with red colour cap and 100IU syringe is with orange cap.
  2. Insulin Pens: These devices can be preloaded with insulin (Disposable Pens) or catridges loaded with insulin (Reusable pen). They are more convenient than traditional vial and syringe with better dosing accuracy and administration.
    • Disposable Insulin Pen : They come as pre-filled insulin devices and have to be thrown away when they are empty. They are more convenient than reusable devices as they come as pre loaded devices, however they are costly than reusable pens and cartridges.
    • Reusable Pens : The pen consist of a cartridge which holds 300 units of insulin. When the cartridge is empty, it is thrown away and is replaces with a new cartridge. No need to replace the insulin pen every time. With proper care, a reusable pen can be used for several years.
  3. Insulin Pumps : An insulin pump is about the size of pager, which delivers a flow of insulin around the clock via the canula under the skin. The pump user controls the amount of insulin by presetting the amount of insulin to be given throughout the 24 hour period.

Where and what time should I inject Insulin :
There are four different sites where you can inject insulin :

  • Outer side of the arm
  • Outer side of the thighs
  • Outer side of abdomen
  • Buttocks